Qualified vibration specialists


Vibration issues are an engineering problem that should be solved by engineering means.

While many companies offer vibration measurement services, such as unattended vibration logging devices, very few have had formal training to offer practical solutions. Additionally, vibration is not just about its measurement and logging. All vibration data gathered needs to be interpreted and understood so that meaningful information can be deduced from the measurement process.

When designing a vibration solution or resolving a vibration issue, then this work should be based on theoretical calculation and prediction and should avoid ‘trial and error’ approaches. ‘Trial and error’ based approaches can be costly, time-consuming and are unproductive.

It is important to realise that effective vibration control must be based on an accurate diagnosis, reliable prediction and should avoid any assumption.

The following technical guidance provides useful information on quantifying and measuring vibration. While the Bruel & Kjaer guidance document exists since 1982 the guidance contained within is still relevant today. To download a copy, click here.